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Going Local: Why a United States-based Provider Like AppKu?

Going Local: Why a United States-based Provider Like AppKu?

As businesses grow, so does their online presence, and many business owners are becoming increasingly interested in building webpages and applications for smartphones and tablets. With so many media companies providing similar services at competitive rates, it’s tempting to buy a premium package overseas. But what business owners often overlook when they are beginning the process of starting their online business is all the details that go into it, and how to set themselves a part from their competitors. In this blog we will explore the benefits of going local with your software company.

Knowing Your Audience

The number one key to having a successful business is knowing your audience, and what are successful tools to get them engaged. If you are a wine or beer company based in Oregon, a local software development company is going to know who your competitors are, and what has worked for them in the past. They are also going to know that this is “wine country” and it is full of hipster lumberjacks who love to drink beer. Meanwhile, a company overseas will just see a short description that says “this is for a wine/beer company in Oregon” but that will not carry as much weight unless you are actually experiencing it.

This is especially significant when someone is creating a visually appealing mobile app, and these factors will come into play. From colors, to photography, and even language, these can look vastly different depending on the perspective of the development team.


Would you rather call an automated system or speak to a real person? When you are working with a local company you are working directly with the team who is launching your software. But, when you are working overseas, your often communicating over e-mail and considered just a number in their system. This can lead to miscommunication.

On the other hand, when you are investing in your software, you want your vision to come to life and the most beneficial way of getting your ideas across is in person, and being able to have that convent phone call when a new idea arises.

Your Community

When you buy an apple from the Farmer’s Market, you know exactly what goes into it. It’s from a farm in Oregon, and has been transported about a half an hour to the market, where a vendor has sold it to you. In turn, you know that your money is going toward a local business within your community. But, when you buy an apple from New Zealand. Well, that apple has been through a plane ride or two, a couple transporting trucks, a grocery store shipment, and was finally placed in the produce section for you to buy, and you’re not really sure who is benefiting from that dollar.

Software is kind of like that apple. You can go to your local Software market where you know the exact location, and who is producing the product. Or, you can rely on a series of overseas systems who will produce the product in a more complicated and less thought out way.