About Our Organization

Building Apps People ♡

AppKu™ is a innovation brand located in Milwaukie, Oregon. Our team includes mostly humans, all professionals that love software, data, and technology, and, more than anything... building the apps that power the processes of organizations big and small, from local Cascadian businesses and non-profits nearby, to those that power entire industries that span globally.

AppKu™ helps organizations break the mold & save millions of dollars developing and maintaining technical data & software solutions, which would have been wasted on traditional "software studios" and "consultants" by putting you back in control of your team  &  your process.

Our Story

The creation of a brand that can...
Power your process, and empower your team.™


In 2023 we launched the AppKu™ brand with a dream to be an organization with phenomenal culture & sustainable growth that provides an awesome SaaS product to organizations throughout the United States that would power their process, and empower their team.™

At our heart, we are a digital process transformation company. There are so many organizations struggling with technology, trying to get their day-to-day work out of the old krungy software, filing cabinets, or Excel and Access files. We provide them a path to friendly, powerful, secure, and well-supported software applications.

Many organizations are repeatedly suffering through bad experiences with software consultancy firms and vulture-like staffing companies which just lead to staff turnover and technology-debt - we are disrupting that operating model, and if we can, eliminating it. Finally, organizations will be able to focus on what they do best, instead of feeling forced to become a haphazard, involuntary, software development organization.

AppKu™ is more than just an app, it’s a team. It’s a team by your side to help support your dream long-term, to help your team flourish and excited to do what they do best. Every team, every organization, every process, is unique - which is why AppKu™ is platform of apps - each distinct from one another, tailored for those who use it.
In fact, AppKu™ means apps your way.™

Your process may be a recipe for disaster, AppKu™ will turn it into a recipe for success.

Our Culture

AppKu™ is mission-driven to provide best-in-class digital process products & services to customers, while maintaining an amazing teamwork & innovation-focused environment for everyone.

Although our culture is is somewhat casual- we aim for our goals together, enjoy mutual courtesy, and maintain a balance of focus & collaboration, while always looking for opportunities to lift each other up. We avoid over-engineering and love to find creative solutions that save our customers (& ourselves) from technical-debt.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

We have an internal motto here that sums our team expectations for our team members holistically:

"We're all professionals here."


AppKu™ operates wholely from our office in Milwaukie, OR, USA and serves customers operating in the USA. We are proud to have a team that is fully comprised of U.S. citizens, with a low turnover rate and high employee satisfaction.
We ♡ what we do - simple as that!

Our Office

AppKu11165 SE 23rd AveMilwaukie, OR 972221 (800) 375-3361Mailing AddressAppend Media, LLC.PO Box 22349Portland, OR, 97269

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