Digital Transformation is Here

Are You Ready?

The time is now. Your organization is in the modern era. That means data is essential for you and your team. Apps power the world for a reason- they improve productivity!Your organization cannot afford to be left behind.

AppKu™ is a subscription service designed for organizations powered by people. People that want to leverage data technology to make their day-to-day process highly effective, and, well... incredible!

Apps Your Way™

AppKu™ was designed to amaze you.
AppKu™ was designed to empower you.
AppKu™ was designed for you.

The days of slow & expensive software consulting companies is over.

Welcome to the last service you'll ever need for apps & data.

AppKu™ is a subscription service built to help supportmaintainimprove, and create apps that power your process, and empower your team.

You get direct access to our team of technology professionals, such as software engineers, data analysts, and architects. They work with you to modernize and digitize your day-to-day processes using our battle-tested procedures. Whether it’s a new database to help forecast events in the supply chain, or just retiring the messy Excel files and those paper filing cabinets- our team knows how to turn your ideas into reality.

Apps At-a-Glance

Here’s just a few digital technologies AppKu™ can help you create...

  • Form Submissions & Tracking
  • Apps, Reports, & Dashboards
  • Big Data - Data Lakes & Warehouses
  • Tracking & Management Systems
  • ... & so much more!


AppKu™ Professional Project Services
Our premier enterprise software and data services. Whether it's launching a new internal application, or migrating data to a new warehouse, our team is at hand to support your organization and your team.

How's it work?

With AppKu™ you’ll see you ideas come to life as our team transforms your process into a digital wonder. Our team takes care of all the digging and hard work - gathering and organizing requirements, building concepts and blueprints, working collaboratively with you to find the perfect plan.

You're in control along the way, with a plan in place, our experts begin Creation and turn the plan into a reality, making sure all the checks and balances are hit along the way. With AppKu™, you can finally focus on your innovation and operations, rather than trying to run a team of software developers. AppKu™ delivers features as soon as they are ready - providing value to your organization, so your team isn't left waiting.

It's simple. Start today.

Through an AppKu™ subscription and purchase of ⚡ energy, your team gains access to the greatest data & app team on the planet. Finally, you’ll have a professional team at-hand that helps you turn your day-to-day process into amazing digital application.