AppKu™ Professional Project Services

For mid-to large sized businesses, AppKu™ offers it's premium subscriber service (acronym: "APPS") to support internal apps and data projects within your organization. APPS puts the AppKu™ team at your side to help you craft your project with our masterful, battle-tested process.

From idea to reality, we take care of all the heavy lifting so you can focus on the value added to your team and organization.


AppKu™ is a different kind of service provider. In the past, your organization was often forced into a situation where you had to hire sketchy and unreliable freelancers, or work with bloated, overseas consulting firms.

AppKu™ helps you get more done, and our experts outpace and excel over the competition - providing exceptional value to you and your team.

Here's just a few features we provide as part of our AppKu™ Professional Project Services:

Staffing / Freelancer Consulting Firm AppKu
Planning & Discovery
Team Interviews
Everyone's input helps paint the current picture.
Process Blueprints
Unparalleled technical specifications written-out.
Visual Designs & Concepts
Drawings, designs, charts & graphs.
Team Kickoff
A planned conversation leading to project success.
Plan: Pick & Choose
We give you ideas and options, you choose what moves forward.
Weekly Status Reports
Succinct and visual. To-the-point progress.
Weekly Cross-Team Workshops
Together we'll share and illuminate ideas.
Continuous Improvement
Adapt to changes without losing momentum.
Project Tracking & Management
We handle the minutiae of software development.
Accessible Engineers
No barriers to conversation or technical details.
Quality Checks
Independently vetted features and functions.
Secure Architecture
We leverage strong policy, approach, & procedures.
Formal Acceptance Review
Move forward only after you've approved of work.
Setup & Configuration Assistance
We'll help you get everything up and running.
Your Environment, Your Rules
Use your servers and your cloud. You're in charge.
Server Administration
We take care of the deployments and updates.
Care - Help & Support
Triage: Questions, Problems, & Ideas
A helping hand for a long-lasting solution.
New Features & Functions
Preliminary planning for new ideas is ongoing.
Quality 1st SLA
Our SLA puts quality first, over everything else.
Real People, No Bots
Our team of (human beings) is who you talk to.
No-Cost Conversations
We don't charge for casual conversations & inquiries.

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